Dawn Kirchner-King

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Puttin’ On the Glitz introduces a new series character, Kate Karpinski, and follows her home after an unfortunate end to her foreign service career and her almost-never-started marriage.  Penniless, homeless and ruined, Kate takes refuge with Aunt Pink and her palm-reading buddy, Luchetta, and finds confidence, rather than lip gloss in a tube of Glitz as she destroys her mother's wedding and her sister's marriage in a desperate attempt to help her new boyfriend solve a crime in this tale of murder, mayhem and makeup.  

Kiss Me Goodnight Before You Tuck Me In  tells the story of Suzanna Young and her efforts to save a group of young prostitutes from their brush with the seemier side of law enforcement.  Good and evil are impossible to distinguish in a race to find the most sinister enemy of all- the truth.

I’m curious to hear what you think of Kate and Suzanna, and I have many stories to tell, so check back frequently for updates.

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